PyBBM Changelog

0.18.3 -> 0.18.4

  • Fix misspelling in Swedish translation

0.18.2 -> 0.18.3

  • Fix 0005 and 0006 migrations (changes will not affect db, so it’s ok if this migrations were already executed)

0.18.1 -> 0.18.2

  • Minor fixes.

0.18 -> 0.18.1

  • Minor fixes.

0.17.3 -> 0.18

  • PyBBM is now compatible with Django>=1.8,<1.11
  • Allow non-moderators to delete their own posts.
  • Add setting to enable or disable admin post form.
  • Add Swedish translation.
  • Use FileField instead of ImageField when pillow is not available to make pillow depencency optional.
  • Use staticfiles in all templates.
  • Improve permission checking.
  • Allow users to subscribe to a forum.
  • Add a form to grant users moderator privileges.
  • Add notification’s emails HTML alternative.
  • Add the ability to the user to use their attachments inside their posts to render it as link, image etc.
  • Multiple fixes and improvements.

0.17 -> 0.17.3

  • Fast fix for migrations for Posgres database. If you already get and applied migrations from 0.17 version (for example on MySQL DB) you can skip new migrations with migrate pybb –fake

0.16.1 -> 0.17

  • Topic and post creation wrapped in transaction
  • All topic/post/poll related forms can be overrided when custom view inherites pybbm view
  • Demo data for example projects
  • Using active markup engine when quoting posts via javascript
  • Functionality to support disabling default pybbm subscriptions and notifications and new settings: PYBB_DISABLE_SUBSCRIPTIONS and PYBB_DISABLE_NOTIFICATIONS
  • Fixed sorl.thumbnail/easy_thumbnail compatibility in standard pybb/avatar.html template
  • Improved example projects
  • Removed applying urlize filter over html produced by markdown parser (it doesn’t play nicely with html markup as noted in django’s docs)
  • django 1.8 compatibility
  • common django layout for test project
  • use mysqlclient package for testing installation with mysql database backend on python 3
  • optional enabling “nice urls” for entire forum, that looks like ‘<forum prefix>/c/<category slug>/<forum slug>/<topic slug>/’

0.16 -> 0.16.1

  • Fast fixes

0.15.6 -> 0.16

  • Django 1.7 compatibility.
  • Fixed creating custom profile model of any class defined in settings with right related name to user model. Migration note: If you have workaround for creating profile in your code, you should remove it for preventing possible dubplicate unique key error on user creating.
  • New get_display_name method for profile model used to unification displaying username through forum
  • New markup processing. See Markup

0.15.5 -> 0.15.6

  • Make all migrations compatible with custom user model. Break dependency on sorl.thumbnail in migrations
  • Compatibility functions moved to module
  • Email notifications optimization
  • Example_bootstrap projects now based on bootstrap 3
  • Fixes and improvements

0.15.4 -> 0.15.5

  • Fixed bug when user can vote (or cancel vote) when topic was closed.
  • Added may_vote_in_topic method to permission handler.
  • Fixed blocking user view

0.15.3 -> 0.15.4

  • Hot fixes to bbcode transform

0.15.2 -> 0.15.3

  • bbcode engine simplified

0.15.1 -> 0.15.2

  • Pybbm specific forms moved to views’ attributes, added new functions to views to get such forms dynamically. This makes overriding pybbm forms much easier
  • Moving from unmaintained postmarkup package to bbcode project as default bbcode render engine Changed output html for [code] tag. It will be <code></code> tags instead of <div class=”code”></div>. So you should duplicate styles applied to div.code for code html tag.
  • Japanese translation

0.15 -> 0.15.1

  • Hot fixes for Python 3 support
  • Fixes for Chinese translation

0.14.9 -> 0.15

  • Python 3 support
  • Chinese translation

0.14.8 -> 0.14.9

  • Two new methods added to permission handler: may_attach_files and may_create_poll. First method used for restrict attaching files to post by user. By default it depends on PYBB_ATTACHMENT_ENABLE setting. Second may be used to restrict some users to create/edit polls. By default it always return True. For disabling polls on your forum, just write custom permission handler and return from this method False

0.14.7 -> 0.14.8

  • Improved javascript functionality: quote selected text, qoute full original message via ajax, insert nickname in post body. For enabling this functionality you should satisfy some requirements in your templates
  • Support for nested forums
  • PybbProfile abstract model moved to pybb.profiles module to avoid circular imports when checking models.

0.14.6 -> 0.14.7

  • Django 1.6 compatibility
  • unblock user functionality added

0.14.5 -> 0.14.6

  • Cache anonymous views count for topic and save it in database only when some count reached (100 by default). This value can be changed by setting PYBB_ANONYMOUS_VIEWS_CACHE_BUFFER. Also added custom filter pybbm_calc_topic_views that calc actual views count for topic
  • Fix for migration that may fails on clean mysql installation
  • Fixed perfomance issue with feed views
  • Using custom permissions handler in feed views

0.14.4 -> 0.14.5

  • Minor fixes

0.14.3 -> 0.14.4

  • Fix for migration that may fails on clean mysql installation (not fixed really, filxed after 0.14.5)
  • Make example_thirdparty project bootstrap3 compatible

0.14.2 -> 0.14.3

  • Show only available topics (by permission handler) in ForumView

0.14.1 -> 0.14.2

  • Fixed MultipleObjectReturned when topic has more than one moderator

0.14 -> 0.14.1

  • Fixed circular import issue

0.13.1 -> 0.14

  • Restored views for rendering user’s posts and topics and link to that views from profile info page
  • Broken hard dependency from EditProfileView and EditProfileForm classes in forum
  • Ability for users to cancel their poll vote
  • Block user view accepts only POST requests
  • If block_and_delete_messages passed to request.POST for block user view, then all user’s messages will be deleted

0.13 -> 0.13.1

  • Hotfix for rendering avatars

0.12.5 -> 0.13

  • You can add first-unread get parameter to the topic url to provide link to first unread post from topic
  • Removed django-mailer, pytils, sorl-thumbnail, south, django-pure-pagination from hard dependencies
  • Support Custom User model introduced in django 1.5. Do not forget to define PYBB_PROFILE_RELATED_NAME in settings, if you don’t use predefined pybb.PybbProfile model See how to use custom user model with pybbm
  • Dropped support for django 1.3
  • Experimental support for python 3
  • Removed django-mailer from hard dependencies, you have to manually install it for using it’s functionality

0.12.4 -> 0.12.5

  • More flexible forms/forms fields rendering in templates Strongly recommended to check rendering of pybbm forms on your site (edit profile, poll/topic create/edit)
  • Additional template for markitup preview You can override pybb/_markitup_preview.html to provide your styling for <code>, <pre> and other markitup tags
  • Improved permissions handling see PYBB_PERMISSION_HANDLER setting in settings
  • Fixed bugs and improved performance

0.12.3 -> 0.12.4

0.12.2 -> 0.12.3

  • German translation

0.11 -> 0.12

  • Fixed bug when the answers to poll unexpectedly deleted. Strongly recommendet to update to this version, if using polls subsystem
  • Polish translation

0.10 -> 0.11

  • Ability to override standard message when user doesn’t login and not alowed anonymous posts by PYBB_ENABLE_ANONYMOUS_POST setting. It may be useful when project doesn’t have registration_register and/or auth_login url names in
  • Content in each topic.html and forum.html is wrapped in <div> tag with topic and forum classes accordingly

0.9 -> 0.10

  • Templates are updated for 2nd version of twitter bootstrap
  • Bootstrap less files removed from pybb.
  • Refactored example projects. test folder now contains two examples:
    • example_bootstrap shows how to include bootstrap files in your project
    • example_thirdparty shows how to use another project like pinax-theme-bootstrap to style forum
  • New poll feature added. When user creates new topic he can add poll question and some answers. Answers count can vary from 2 to PYBB_POLL_MAX_ANSWERS setting (10 by default)
  • Dropped support for self containing CSS in pybb.css file and PYBB_ENABLE_SELF_CSS setting.

0.8 -> 0.9

The PYBB_BUTTONS setting is removed and overridable pybb/_button_*.html templates for save, new topic and submit buttons are provided in case css styling methods are not enough.

0.6 -> 0.7

If you use custom BODY_CLEANER in your settings, rename this setting to PYBB_BODY_VALIDATOR

0.5 -> 0.6

Version 0.6 has significant changes in template subsystem, with main goal to make them more configurable and simple.

  • CSS now not included with project.
    • For a limited time legacy pybb.css can be enabled by activating PYBB_ENABLE_SELF_CSS settings (just set it for True).
  • Twitter bootstrap now included in project tree
  • Default templates now provide fine theme with twitter bootstrap, corresponded .less file ‘pybb_bootstrap.less’ and builded pybb_bootstrap.css can be located in static. You can find example of usage in test directory.
  • Pagination and breadcrumb templates changed:
    • pagination template moved from templates/pybb/pagination/ to templates/pybb
    • pagination template changed from plain links to ul/li list
    • breadcrumb now live in separated template and changed from plain links to ul/li list
    • add_post_form.html template renamed to post_form.html
  • PYBB_FORUM_PAGE_SIZE default value changed from 10 to 20