Example projects

The PyBBM source code contains two example projects under the test/example_bootstrap and test/example_thirdparty directories. Both are fully deployed and ready to use forum applications.

There is only one difference between these projects:

  • example_bootstrap includes the LESS (a CSS preprocessor) files from Twitter Bootstrap.
  • example_thirdparty leaves this to the thirdparty app pinax-theme-bootstrap.

We recommend to use example_thirdparty to start with. If you starting from scratch it’s probaly the best way to begin.

Running the example projects

Each example directory contains requirements.txt file, you can run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

to install all dependencies.

Also example_bootstrap/fixtures directory contains demo_data.json file with some example data. So, you can run:

python manage.py loaddata <path to example_bootstrap>/fixtures/demo_data.json

from root directory to load some models in you database.