PyBB Modified (PyBBM) and original PyBBΒΆ

PyBB originally developed by lorien in 2008-2010 has ben dropped from development in mid 2010.

This is a list of differences between PyBB and PyBBM as of mid 2011.

  • All settings of pybbm have default values, see file for detailed list.
  • pybbm templates fill content, head, title and breadcrumb blocks for template defined in settings as PYBB_TEMPLATE (“base.html” by default).
  • Markup engines can be configured as an ordinary settings.
  • PyBBM designed to fit django-staticfiles (django <= 1.2) or django.contrib.staticfiles (django >= 1.3).
  • Default pybbm templates and css files include only layout, minimal design and no coloring, so it’s easy to fit any existed site colorscheme.
  • PyBBM code covered with tests more than 80%
  • PyBBM provides completely rewritten unread tracking with big performance improvement on large database
  • Views rewritten to use as many generics as possible
  • Number of external dependencies significantly reduced
  • PyBBM well documented
  • PyBBM included two example projects for fast start.