Anonymous postingΒΆ

PyBBM allow you to enable anonymous posting on forum.

Be very carefull by enabling anonymous posting, it is better to enable BODY_CLEANER setting to cleanup spam links from posts.

Enable PYBB_ENABLE_ANONYMOUS_POST and set PYBB_ANONYMOUS_USERNAME for enabling anonymous posting:


Carefully set PYBB_ANONYMOUS_USERNAME. It is better to create user with this username yourself rather than left it to autoregister on first anonymous post, somemone may want to use this username and register before first anonymous post will be posted, in that case anonymous post will share same account with this user.

Anonymous topic views count cached for each topic. The reason to do this is not update database on each anonymous request. Default value that will be cached is 100, this values controlled by PYBB_ANONYMOUS_VIEWS_CACHE_BUFFER setting and can be disabled by this setting too.