Useful template tags and filtersΒΆ

Next filters and tags can be used when pybb_tags loaded in template:

  • PyBBM passes all filter_* and may_* methods from current permission handler to templates as filters with pybb_ prefix. So you can use they as:

    {% if user|may_view_topic:topic %}
      you can view {{ topic }}
    {% endif %}


    {% with queryset=user|filter_topics:topic_queryset %}
      {# operations on queryset there #}
    {% endwith %}
  • pybb_get_latest_topic and pybb_get_latest_posts assigment tags you can use on every page for getting latest topics ans posts, for example for rendering in side block. Also you can pass user parameter (default to user from template context) for geting topics or posts available for specific user and cnt parameter for get specific count of topics or posts:

    {% pybb_get_latest_topic cnt=30 as topics %}
    {# operation on topics list there #}
  • pybb_get_profile assigment tag can be used to get forum profile instance for any user passed as user argument:

    {% pybb_get_profile user=post.user as post_user_profile %}
    {# use profile fields there #}